Begonia Maculata | “Polkadot Begonia”



4" Pot, 6" Pot

Air Purifying

Air Purifying

Ease of Care

A little effort


Medium Height | 20" – 3ft


Likes bright light

30 Day Plant Society Guarantee 🌱

30 Day Plant Society Guarantee 🌱

30 Day Guarantee

If your plant arrives unhealthy, or any product arrives damaged, we will refund or replace it for free! (Only applies in winter if Winter Shipping Protection is added)

Marque :The Plant Society

Begonia Maculata is undoubtedly one of the most strikingly gorgeous species of indoor plants. Featuring unique silver spotted leaves with red undersides, the “Polkadot Begonia” will add a touch of tropical beauty to your home. Loves humidity, so we would advise keeping her in the kitchen or bathroom!

Planter is not included. Please note the plant shown is fully mature – the plant you receive may be younger and therefore may differ from the picture.

Care Tips

Light: Bright light, but best to avoid direct sunlight

Water: Water when the soil feels dry and ensure it stays moist, but watch that you don’t over do it

Humidity: Loves humidity. Mist the air around the plant every so often to mimic it’s native Brazilian environment. Ideally kept in the kitchen or bathroom

Feed: Feed a little every two weeks in spring and summer. Use our organic indoor plant fertilizer to keep your plant looking healthy!

Air Purifying: Begonia Maculata is a known air purifier!

Toxicity: Toxic to pets and humans



All orders have a $8.99 flat delivery fee, no matter how big your order! We’ll share a tracking number once your plant is on its way so you can follow it home.

We’re a small independent company, and you can rest assured your plants are grown in and shipped from the United States. This allows our team to ensure they’re well looked after, and arrive fresh on your doorstep.


Sustainable Packaging

We’re conscious about our waste, and aim to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. We place a protective paper bag around the pot, and pack the plant in a custom cardboard sleeve, before placing into your delivery box.


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