How we ship your plants

Your plant is selected from the greenhouse in Florida or California to minimise shipping times & emissions

The Plant Society Packaging & Shipping Step 2

Wood fiber is used to cover the soil, and help prevent soil spillage

the plant society packaging & shipping step 3

The wood fiber is placed over the soil, right under the foliage

the plant society packaging & shipping step 4

The planter and wood fiber portion of the plant is covered with a bag, and secured with a tie

Your plant is placed into a paper bag and secured with a rubber band

Your plant is placed into a protective cardboard shipping, and is sent to you via USPS, UPS, or Fedex

30 Day Guarantee

If your plant arrives damaged or unhealthy, we will replace it for free!

Fast 6-7 Day Shipping

All deliveries have a $8.99 flat fee, no matter how big your order! We’ll share a tracking number once your plant is on its way so you can follow it home.

Grown in the USA

Your plants are grown and shipped from within the USA. This allows our team to ensure your plants are well looked after, and arrive fresh on your doorstep.